Thursday, December 27, 2012

L finished before Decembers end!!!!

Here wew are and it is Boxing Day, the sun is shining with a cool sea breeze blowing in through the verandah doors. Beautiful...........!!!!! Everyone has gone for a walk along the beach and I am using this window of peacefulness to post my latest blocks to my blog! 
The photos look like I have scorched to blocks with the iron, but it is because I had left the paper (from the paper piecing) on the back until I joined them together. Maybe not the best idea!
L-1 Widow's Pane
L-2 Stephanie's snowflake
L-3 Reflections Abound
L-4 St. George's Cross
L-5 Chattanooga Charlie
L-6 Maze of Madness
L-7 Town Square
L-8 Box Kite
L-9 Walter's Place
L-10 Nan's Naiad
L-11 Caitlin's Rose
L-12 Sally's Pride
L-13 Harvest Moon

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