Saturday, December 1, 2012

Row K Kompleted!!

I managed to finish row K in November and have started on row L. I am trying to finish all the square blocks before the end of January as there is a Dear Jane quilt show in Box Hill in February for finished (or unfinished) quilts. I am definitely going to the show and would love to put mine in - clearly unfinished. Well, we'll see how I go......

K-1 Crooked Creek
K-2 Grandpa's Chickens
K-3 Seven Sisters
K-4 Thea's Turn
K-5 Passing Through
K-6 Ann's Folly
K-7 Rose of Sharing
K-8 Springbrook Park
K-9 Scout's Honor
K-10 Quandry
K-11 Columbine
K-12 Doris's Delemma
K-13 Brandon's Star


  1. They all look great. I am goin to start mine in January.

    1. Thanks for your comment!! Good luck with your quilt, I look forward to watching its progress!!

  2. Congratulations on finishing this row!
    All of these blocks are really GORGEOUS!

    1. Thanks so much. Can't wait to finish the squares and then I will have a break over the summer before starting on the triangles with renewed enthusiasm next year!!!

  3. Wow, very impressive! Quandry would have sent me over the edge. Actually, they ALL would have sent me over the edge. You go, girl!