Friday, January 29, 2010

Block 18 it is!!!! As the new school year started today I decided to do this block till it was finished ( I had already spent a couple of days cutting all the 200+ pieces out!!!)
Here is the end result!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Block 63

Here is the last one I completed at the beach!! Quick and simple before the last 'horrendous' one for the year (still not yet finished!!!!)

Block 03

This was another quick and easy one .............

Block 97

Another edge block. I like to do them as 2 triangles rather than cut them in half so as not to loose too much along the outside of the quilt.

Block 65

I really enjoyed doing this one - I love the fabric combination!

Block 31

A really easy one to hurry things along.....quick and simple, but effective!

Block 58

A fun one this time.......

Block 43

Well........what can I say?????
This one was a doozy!!
I have been away at the beach house for 4 weeks and I took a few blocks to do........hoping to catch up with the rest of the Nearly Insane crew!!!!! Fat chance - between this one and Block 18 (the last one for the year - thanks for that!!) I am still behind!!!