Sunday, June 8, 2014

Friends with Additions

Things have been fairly quiet on the Flickr Bee front lately as our Quilt Around the World bee comes to a close. I did however, join a group at the end of last year which is ticking along. It is called 'Friends with Additions', There are 14 of us who have made a starter block and as each block is sent around the globe, everyone adds to it. Unfortunately I am unable to show too much as we only are allowed a sneak peek of each addition. This is soooo frustrating as each quilt that comes around is bigger and more beautiful and I can't wait to see all the final quilt tops when they reach home. Here are a few of the sneak peeks!!!

This is my starter block, which I sent on to Elizabeth in the USA back in November. I asked for tangerine, aqua and lime green in anything they wished to add. My quilt is currently in the UK, having spent the last few months travelling around the US and Canada. Soon it will be heading over to Switzerland and Germany, before another stint in the US then home.

The first quilt I received was from  Joan who requested low volume with splashes of colour. This is a sneak peek of addition before completion.

Nancy's brief was rainbow colours with either black or white. I added to her quilt in January and I wish I could share the photo I took of it on the deck at the beach house - it looked amazing with the sea in the background!!!

Now………this is Debbie's quilt - I can show this one, as sadly Debbie had to drop out of the Bee owing to a big move to another state. I was the last addition for her (the strip on the right with the kangaroo!!) before I sent it back home. It was just starting to look really interesting so I hope she finds time to continue with this one……..

Monika wanted low volume with a sprinkle of colour. I used some text fabrics in my addition and a section of paper piecing - also with a bit of an Aussie flavour!!

Ursi's colour scheme is warm reddish oranges, plummy and greyish purples and light greys and charcoal. I had fun adding to this one and the result of the quilt so far is rich and gorgeous!!

I have just finished my addition for Kerstin, who also requested rainbow colours. This is a sneak peek of all the additions so far. It will be such a bright and fun quilt top.

We are at about the half way mark now so each quilt that arrives is larger than the last and needs more thought. I am thoroughly enjoying this Bee…..

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My finished 'Around The World Quilt'

I never thought I would see the day when this quilt would be all assembled, sashed, backed, quilted and bound…………yet here it is!! Thank you so much to all the other girls in the Bee who made a block for this special quilt and made the journey so much fun………
Here is my daughter looking very happy with the end result!

Gorgeous collection of Paris themed blocks
I used lots of black and white scrap fabrics to make the chevron back
In its new home!

A closer look at all the blocks…
My starter 
Angel block from Betty
Tanya's angel block
25 beautiful Paris inspired blocks!!!

Quilt Around The World Bee II comes to a close after 2 years!!

I can't believe it has been 2 years since we started the second 'Around The World Quilt Bee' It has been an interesting, informative and at times frustrating experience. During that time we have had parcels go missing, people go missing and all sorts of personal issues delay things moving along, however, almost all 25 quilts are home and only a couple waiting on the last block to be finished. It has been really fun and I have learnt so many new quilting skills and techniques………..and I have one very gorgeous quilt as a result. Here are the last few………….

Christine's blocks had a little holiday in New York for 5 months, so the loop had to be started again, therefore I can only show 10 of these lovelies! Luckily the other 12 did arrive home to join the others!  Christine asked for geometric blocks and my addition is below. 

10 of Christine's blocks off to join the rest!!

This next block is for Joan who requested blue and green stars. When these blocks arrived it was difficult to find a pattern that had not already been done!!! I can't wait to see the finished quilt...

 22 gorgeous blocks for Joan

Last but certainly not least is Elizabeth's 1/2 square triangle block. I had been sending all my parcels to her for the whole Bee, so I felt a little pressure to come up with something very special for her. I couldn't resist fussy cutting this bird for the centre!

All 23 of Elizabeth's blocks ready to head home!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where has the last 6 months gone???

Wow……….I have not been blogging for so long I have almost forgotten about it!! I guess it is because we have just finished 6 months of daylight saving and are now plunged into 6 months of cold weather and gloominess! So, I guess it is a good time to begin where I left off…………

Although I have not been blogging, I have certainly been sewing and have finished 2 bees and started a couple of new ones. I ave however, been keeping up with my Flickr posts.

Here are the rest of my Dr Who blocks, the last one I finished at the end of February.
Hello Sweetie
River Song's Diary
Vashta Nerada
A crack in Time
The Power of Three
Chameleon Arch
Tardis in Flight

All the blocks look fabulous together

….so, now I just have to join them together and make the quilt back. I am thinking white boxes around each block and a navy blue sashing as Caroline  has done. I was the winner of her giveaway at the end of the Bee. A big thank-you to her for this lovely fabric stash that appeared on my doorstep last week! It will be showcased in my quilt back.