Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where has the last 6 months gone???

Wow……….I have not been blogging for so long I have almost forgotten about it!! I guess it is because we have just finished 6 months of daylight saving and are now plunged into 6 months of cold weather and gloominess! So, I guess it is a good time to begin where I left off…………

Although I have not been blogging, I have certainly been sewing and have finished 2 bees and started a couple of new ones. I ave however, been keeping up with my Flickr posts.

Here are the rest of my Dr Who blocks, the last one I finished at the end of February.
Hello Sweetie
River Song's Diary
Vashta Nerada
A crack in Time
The Power of Three
Chameleon Arch
Tardis in Flight

All the blocks look fabulous together

….so, now I just have to join them together and make the quilt back. I am thinking white boxes around each block and a navy blue sashing as Caroline  has done. I was the winner of her giveaway at the end of the Bee. A big thank-you to her for this lovely fabric stash that appeared on my doorstep last week! It will be showcased in my quilt back.

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