Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yeeeehaaa!!! M is complete!!

I have FINALLY finished row M!!!!
This means I have completed all the squares in the centre section of the quilt!!
I will post a photo when I have attached row M onto the rest!

I am entering the finished section into the Dear Jane Quilt Exhibition (presented by the Australian Quilters Association Inc.) at Box Hill Town Hall in February and as the quilt is incomplete will have to attach it to a black backing cloth for hanging.

M-1 Dogwood Days
M-2 Duff's Bluff
M-3 Fireweed Flower
M-4 Stepping Stones
M-5 Mother's Point
M-6 Simplicity
M-7 Junko's Rose Garden 
M-8 Enchanted Square
M-9 Fan Dance
M-10 Simple Simon
M-11 Rickshaw
M-12 Hopscotch
M-13 Lynette's Diamond


  1. Congratulations.... how exciting!
    All of these blocks are gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see the center all sewn together!

    1. Thanks Doreen!!
      I have been working on it today! Will attempt to get a photo up asap!!