Saturday, April 6, 2013

Around the World Bee II update....

I have been very lazy with my blog posts, especially of my Around the World Quilt Bee. We are making slow but steady progress, and have made only 6 blocks since I last posted back in October!! So, here are a few, all done before Christmas.....

Beth, in UK, asked for blocks with wildflowers. I chose our state flower, the 'Common Heath' to add to her collection. By the time her quilt arrives home she will have a gorgeous set of beautiful blocks to make into a very special quilt..
All Beth's blocks so far...

Phuong, from NY, wanted blocks that remind her of summer (her starter block is top left), so I used the same colours and lots of half square triangles.
Phuong's blocks so far...

The next two went missing for 2 months somewhere between Horsham and Melbourne!!! Just when we had given up hope of them ever arriving, they mysteriously turned up.......!!!
Courtney, from New Jersey, wanted a 'Youtastic' quilt block, that says something about you. As I worked in hospitality for over 10 years and enjoyed teaching Beverage Service, I thought a few cocktails was appropriate!! She had also requested a 'siggy' block, so another recipe was included!!
Here are all Courtney's together - should be a fun quilt when finished!!

Leona, from Florida, requested a Christmas theme, with bright modern fabrics. I made a wonky star to add, and hope they make it home in time for her to complete the quilt before next Christmas!!!
Leona's Christmas blocks.

Betty, in Ohio, is after a green and pink theme for her quilt. I have added the last of my favourite pink and yellow stripe fabric so I hope she doesn't mind a touch of yellow, but I think it works in quite well.
Betty's stunning collection of beautiful blocks.......

Heather, also in Ohio, is making a mosaic quilt. The blocks can be any size as they will be floating on a white background when finished.
This will be a fabulously bright quilt!!


  1. Oooh, you've done a lovely job on them all!

    1. Thanks Tanya!! So glad someone is watching!!!
      Have just completed first row of triangles for DJ - will take a photo and add it in!!