Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Madness!!

I have been very tardy with this blog of late!!! March is a crazy month for us. My daughter does rowing and that alone takes up lots of hours of driving, as well as her 16th birthday, our 25th Wedding Anniversary and my mums birthday. I have also managed to fit in a bit of sewing, but no time for blogging!!!

Last time I posted about having the centre section of my quilt finished to put into the Dear Jane exhibition back in February!! Here is the quilt (not a great photo though) and while I was at the show I met a lady who was wearing a 'Liberty' dress. Here she is pointing to the fabric in my quilt!!! We did have a laugh........

There were so many gorgeous quilts there, it was amazing to see so many variations of the same design!! It has inspired me to keep going and finish the triangles to complete the border!!


  1. Your quilt top looks so gorgeous hanging at the exhibit! Wishing you continued success with your triangle borders!

  2. The rate you are going Julianne, you will have finished your quilt before me, I haven't touched mine for over a year, it just needs the quilting finished and then binding. Your quilt looks so lovely hanging there, it must have been fantastic to see all the Dear Janes hanging.