Monday, September 3, 2012

Around The World Quilt Bee II - August

I have also been busy with our Around the World Quilt Bee during August, which is no surprise as we have just had our wettest winter for 12 years, coldest for 14....or thereabouts!! Hence lots of time to sew!!!! Judy and I had a big rush on these blocks early in August and whipped up 4 blocks in very quick succession - here they are.....

Tanya in New Zealand (ex Melbourne) asked for a rainbow star inspired block and this is what I came up with. Last year Tanya had a Halloween party for one of her boys, Charlie, and it involved a costume for us adults as well. A fun night was had by all - pity I didn't have any champagne fabric to compliment it................!!!

Here are Tanya's blocks with mine added. I think it will be a really bright fun quilt.

Next was Ursula in Switzerland. Her block request was for a neutral block with some surprising moments! I like the way the blue flower fabric formed a lattice (I would like to say it was intentional, but that would be a lie!!!) The cute moustache fabric lead me to do this fun siggie as it was a bit lost in the block!!!

Here are Ursi's 5 blocks so far, each with its own pop of colour.

Joanne in the UK was after blue blocks of any kind, so as I have loads of blue fabric it was very easy for me. Using the other blocks for inspiration I came up with this.....

And here are her 6 to date. I think they all look fantastic together and can't wait to see how Jo finishes off this quilt.

Lastly, Amanda asked for aqua and grey blocks with the seaside as her inspiration. Yes, she is also in the UK hence the pale sea colours. If it was here it would be all bright blues and golds.

Here are her 7 blocks all looking pretty together.....

We now have had a bit of a hold up again, but that is the nature of a trip around the world. There are another few getting closer to us each day, so there will be more to add soon.
Stay tuned!!

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  1. What a great post! Your blocks all look fab and the photos of them all look great too? Sad that winter is over and the sewing inclination will fade as the sun shines more! Xx