Friday, July 27, 2012

More baby blue Jane's and Ester's quilt

My daughter, Prue, is off to Tanzania in Africa in September with school. They are going to visit the school of St Jude.

The girls will be involved in the school activities for 2 weeks. We have sponsored a young girl, Ester, at the school for the last 5 years, so Prue is very excited that she will finally get to meet her in person. We decided it would be a lovely idea to make a quilt for her, which Prue can take with her, as the postage would be prohibitive. Here is the finished quilt top, being admired by Hailey, our 'cavvie' pup (why do cats and dogs love to sit on our quilts during construction???) The top is made from Australian indigenous inspired fabrics, the back from African prints.

 Here is the quilt ready for basting. I am machine quilting it, so will post the finished product soon....
I have also managed another few baby blue Jane's - hope to finish the last 3 before the end of the month - we'll see...........
G-6 Papa's Star

G-7 Indianapolis

G-8 Justin's Comet

G-9 Mary's Journey

G-10 Woven Meadow

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  1. What a fabulous quilt for Ester! I'm sure she will love it! Congrats on getting so many beautiful Blue Janes completed.