Monday, June 17, 2013

Liberty Blue Jane top completed!!!!!

Well here it is 17th June and I have achieved my goal before the end of June!!!! Yes, the Liberty Blue Dear Jane quilt top is completed!!!! The first square, A-5 - Cathie's Campfire, was completed on 5th April 2011, and I finished the embroidery on the Bottom Right Corner last night, 16th June 2013.
The journey however does not end here as once I have decided on a backing fabric I will have to baste and then hand quilt it! That could take me another 2 years or so!!!
If anyone has any ideas on what fabric to use for the backing I would appreciate it, although I should probably use 'Liberty'. I am assuming 2 widths should be enough. 

Bottom Right Corner
Bottom Left Corner
Completed Quilt Top 
Bottom Right Corner signed


  1. WOW Awesome quilt love the blues
    Signing the quilt is such a nice touch

  2. Congratulations!! Your quilt looks great.

  3. Wow!!!! Your quilt is beautiful and so amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!! I haven't set a finished goal for mine yet!!!

  4. This is so beautiful! Lovely in blue!

  5. Oh!! Julianne, well done!!! I just barely finished my last block for my Rainbow Jane, so I know just how much work you've accomplished here. I'm seriously impressed that you're going to hand quilt her. I'm too chicken to tackle those thicknesses on lots of the blocks. But I'm looking forward to doing some intense FMQ on it! First I need to assemble everything. My goal is to have that finished before August is out. My first block was sewn last week of August 2011, so I want to neatly finish in the original intention of an even 2 years. Congratulations!!!! Liberty Blue is absolutely GORGEOUS and hand quilting is going to be FABULOUS for her!!

  6. Congratulations! I found your blue top on Pinterest and .. wow! it's really beautiful.
    Great use of fabrics!
    I also sew a blue Dear Jane. Hugs, Carmen María.