Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nearly Insane Border!!

Now I really am going insane............hand piecing the zig-zag border.........agghhh!!! I have one side already sewn on and the second side almost ready.
Here's a sneak preview!

I have had my daughter's quilt machine quilted and it is now ready for the binding...........Dear Jane will have to wait!!


  1. Your border looks great! I started my zig-zag too and have one side sewn on. I won't be able to use my sewing room for a few weeks so the rest will have to wait.

  2. What! What!...you're making Dear Jane wait....oh, ok..I can see why...Looking good..will definitely want to see the finish...

  3. Your border is looking lovely. Can't wait to see the whole quilt.

  4. Hi Julianne!

    I couldn't answer your question on my blog because you are set to not get email. I am not going to hand quilt my Insane, I don't know how. Are you doing yours?? I sent the other Insane to a longarm but I think I am going to custom quilt mine myself on my machine.